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 Kisi kamzor lamhe main

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PostSubject: Kisi kamzor lamhe main   Sat Sep 06, 2008 5:43 am

Kisi Kamzoor Lamhey Me,
Agar Main Tum Say Ye Keh Doon,
Mujhey Tum Say "MOHABAAT" Hai,
Tum Ye Mat Samajh Lena,
Main Ney SACH Kaha Ho Ga,
Aisi Dil-Nasheen Baaton Ko,
Aisi Dilbar Aadaon Me Kehna,
Mujhey Bachpan Say Aata Hai,
Meri Aankhein Mera Chehra,
Mera Ye Bey Sakhta Lehja,
Ye Sab Kuch JHOOT Kehta Hai Mager,
Iss Jhoot Main Ek SACH Bhi Hai,
Mujhey Tum Say "MOHABBAT" Hai.
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Kisi kamzor lamhe main
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